About Jimmy

Jimmy is a native born Colombian who truly believes he has one of the best jobs around. Every day is a new adventure and brings new friends and clients while allowing him to enjoy the beauty that is Colombia. His drive comes from his desire to share his culture with the world and let everyone experience all that there is in Medellin.

Being well traveled himself, Jimmy has a unqiue perspective on how to offer tours in a personalized fashion as no one else can. Jimmy is a family man who lived in New York City, USA for more than 20 years. During that time he studied Business at La Guardia College and sold clothing in upscale men's stores. One thing during that period that makes him one of the best tour guides in the business was that for more than 15 years of his time in New York City he drove a Yellow Cab in Manhattan. He has experience with a great many cultures and speaks perfect english and spanish. He will not only be your tour guide but he will be your personal translator.  Jimmy returned to Colombia 4 years ago in 2008 because of his interest in sharing the Colombian culture with the growing number of visitors every year.

While Medellin is well known for its mass transit, abundant taxi services, and how easy it really is to get around, there is no comparison when it comes to doing a tour the right way. Not only does Jimmy provide you the personal service you deserve but he does it in the comfort of a late model Nissan automobile with air conditioning with plenty of room for everyone. You won't find another personalized tour guide that can provide this level of comfort, much less at the prices that Jimmy does.
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